TGHPP Achieved First Annual Power Generation of

100 TWh by Dedicatedly Accomplishing the Assignments

Undertaking the mission of building dams for the people and controlling

flood for the nation, we are making records one after another.

The year 2018 is the 100th anniversary for Sun Yat-sen's proposal of building the Three Gorges Dam, the 60th anniversary for Mao Zedong's investigation of the Three Gorges, the 40th anniversary for the opening up and reform, and the 10th anniversary for the 175 m trial impoundment of the Three Gorges Project. Also in 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited and investigated the Three Gorges Project and commented that "we must hold the great strength in our hands". Bearing in mind the entrustment of Chinese President, at 08:25:21 on December 21, the Three Gorges Hydropower Plant ("TGHPP") sent good news again: its annual power generation has reached over 100 TWh for the first time, creating a new record.
Under the correct leadership of the Party group of China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG), CYPC has transformed the spirit of the important speech made by President Xi Jinping during his investigation at the Three Gorges Project into strong power of striving, persisted in lean work safety, scientific implementation of in-basin cascade operation, deeply digged out the potential of power generation, efficient utilization of water resources to fully exert the comprehensive benefits of "the Pillars of a Great Power.

Lean safety management facilitates

the annual power generation of over 100 TWh.

"We should always serve as the qualified manager of the Pillars of a Great Power and ensure the stable operation to provide a fundamental guarantee for sustainable development of CYPC." Therefore, CYPC resolutely conducts the "two safeguards", practices and earnestly implements the guidelines of the important speech made by President Xi Jinping during his visit to Three Gorges Project, in order to facilitate the annual power generation of over 100 TWh through continuous safety management, improved equipment reliability and persistent lean operations.
The foundation of safety management is consolidated by strengthening the management and control of "five major risks". To ensure the long-term safe and stable operation of TGHPP under heavy load, CYPC has focused on the management and control of "five major risks" (i.e. major injuries, flooded powerhouses, widespread blackout, major equipment/facility accidents and network security) in 2018 under the objective of "zero-defect" equipment for the enhanced integration and utilization of trend analysis, on-line monitoring and other systems, closed-loop management practice of equipment defects & quality control and establishment of intrinsically safe power plants. TGHPP also initiates the long-term management under heavy load combined with key nodes (e.g. flood prevention and control, reservoir impoundment) while implementing the management and control of "five major risks", conducts intensified on-site inspections, repeated investigation and identification of safety risks, as well as focuses on the management and control of fire hazards (the sixth major risk). "No trivial matters for TGHPP" has become a common saying of our staff on the operation site. Every aspect of equipment management reflects the responsibility system of "each post with specific safety management responsibility, each person with specific equipment management responsibility". The implementation of "equipment control-oriented, scientific management-based and intrinsic safety-standardized" work safety management system throughout the process has consolidated a good foundation for work safety management.
The equipment maintenance is strengthened for continuous health improvement of power plant equipment. Currently, the period of equipment upgrading and Level-A maintenance has come for the first batch of units of TGHPP put into operation since 2003. In order to achieve the annual power generation, CYPC has implemented a new production management system taking equipment management as the core and an in-basin maintenance management system based on the core technologies, as well as conducted the continuously deepened diagnostic operation and condition-based maintenance targeting the key and difficult problems of equipment management for annual maintenance and routine maintenance/defect elimination, improved technical management and accurate production operations. In 2018, CYPC has completed the planning and organization of equipment diagnosis and evaluation, as well as scientific formulation of an annual maintenance plan to ensure all the necessary maintenance. The company has also conducted high-quality implementation of annual maintenance and production tasks, comprehensive quality management and strict quality control throughout the process covering the manufacturing of equipment, acceptance of incoming goods, installation and commissioning, establishment of the "one-time accomplishment" quality awareness, as well as strict implementation of three-level quality acceptance system. With the joint efforts of all staff, CYPC has successfully completed the 2017-2018 annual maintenance and production tasks of TGHPP, with the 2018-2019 annual maintenance (involving the overhaul of 15 units and technical upgrading of 130 items) achieved gradually now. Due to a series of effective technical measures that are safely and efficiently implemented, the operational risks of equipment are effectively eliminated, and the equipment safety & reliability and power plant indicators are also further improved.
Lean operation and multiple measures are utilized to guarantee the safe power generation. Concerning 32×700 MW huge hydro-generating units of TGHPP, the lean operation of large hydropower plants is required for the "instant start and power generation upon instructions". Through the 8 types 109 sets of on-line monitoring systems installed for the unit state monitoring, CYPC is the first in hydropower industry to implement the "diagnostic operation" mode for the real-time monitoring and operation trend analysis of all main/auxiliary equipment characteristics, which realizes the transformation of "post-processing" to "pre-control" in terms of hydropower plant operation management as well as significantly improves the safe operation and reliability of equipment and facilities. TGHPP has worked safely and stably for a long term since its operation, achieving over 4.13 million equipment operations, 26,000 start-ups/ shutdowns and 4,400 gate openings/closings without any man-made mis-operation. TGHPP has identified 76 high operational risks in 2018, and formulated corresponding control measures. During the flood season, continuous full operation of TGHPP units lasted for 1,184.37 hours including 352.38 hours of full-load operation, without any unscheduled shutdown that causes surplus water throughout the year. CYPC has guaranteed the safe and stable operation of the 34 units of TGHPP by means of strict & detailed management and continuous improvement, and laid a solid foundation for the innovation of power generation through the achievement of "zero serious/major accidents and zero staff casualties" objectives.

Power generation capacity is significantly increased

through scientific implementation of in-basin cascade operation.

Confronted with the influences such as frequent landing of severe typhoons on the company's electricity-sale regions, numerous high peaks in flood season and twice emergency responses targeting Baige dammed lake in 2018, CYPC has implemented the in-basin cascade operation by following the principles of safety, science and optimization as well as the core concept of "making full use of any amount of water and well scheduling any amount of power generated", so as to efficiently utilize the hydropower resources and bring the comprehensive benefits of Three Gorges Project ("a Pillar of a Great Power") into full play.
Forecast accuracy of 2018 hydro-meteorological conditions is the best in history based on precision forecast.To ensure the maximum utilization of water resources in the Yangtze River basin and achieve the water & rainfall regime information collection and real-time monitoring, CYPC has established the domestic largest and most advanced water & rainfall regime telemetering system in hydropower industry, along with 617 self-built telemetry stations for the real-time receipt of data from 633 telemetry stations, covering a catchment area of about 545,000 square kilometers and over 50% of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. In 2018, CYPC has laid a foundation for the optimal utilization of water resources by the enhanced consultation management and active coordination/communication with competent hydro-meteorological departments, strengthened collection of upstream reservoir operation information through the reservoir system information sharing platform, implementation of the short/medium/long-term follow-up and rolling forecast, initiation of 22 hydro-meteorological forecasting consultations and participation in the long-term trend forecasting sessions organized by the national ministries & commissions and in-basin agencies for 7 times throughout the year. Meanwhile, the increased forecasting frequency and 24-hour duty of forecasting planners on the spot is also arranged in the flood season and periods of complex operation for continuous follow-up of the changes in meteorological conditions and water regime. The 24-hour heavy precipitation forecast this year concerning the upper reaches of the Yangtze River has reached the highest accuracy in 10 years; the 24-hour flow forecast accuracy of the Three Gorges Reservoir has reached 98.11%, and the average forecast accuracy of the four floods exceeding 44,000 m3/s passing the Three Gorges Dam has reached 99.3%, creating the highest record in 15 years.
the 24-hour flow forecast accuracy of the Three Gorges Reservoir has reached
the average forecast accuracy of the four floods exceeding 44,000 m3/s passing the Three Gorges Dam has reached
Key operation indicators approach or exceed the best in history due to precise dispatching. CYPC has scientifically compiled the cascaded power plants dispatching scheme according to the long/medium/short-term water inflow forecast combined with the dispatching demands of different periods, in order to implement the optimal utilization of flood resources, promote the reservoir impoundment and draw-down safely and steadily, and achieve the optimal comprehensive benefits of cascaded power plants on the premise of meeting the flood control, navigation and ecological requirements. Due to the flood peak staggered regulation of cascaded power plants in 2018, CYPC has successfully dealt with the largest flood since the reservoir construction in the Jinsha River Basin. Meanwhile, the TGHPP power generation has increased 5.2 TWh based on the dispatching of medium and small floods, the loss of TGHPP power generation due to surplus water has reduced 1.8 TWh by coordinated flood detention of upstream reservoirs, and the TGHPP power generation through water-saving has reached 5.4 TWh throughout the year. These achievements of scientific accurate dispatching prove that CYPC has the world's leading key indicators, e.g. hydropower resource utilization, cost control, power generation efficiency and equipment reliability.
Innovative mode and multi-level & multi-mode dispatching coordination mechanism play significant roles.This year, CYPC has focused on promoting the real-time dispatching and communication mode of dispatching console, as well as the innovative multi-level and multi-mode dispatching coordination mechanism. There are more than 30 special communication and coordination sessions on power plant dispatching with the competent dispatching authorities during key periods (e.g. important festivals and holidays, periods with restricted outbound transmission) throughout the year, which are based on the technical support department's background technical support and liaison, coordination on important operation modes conducted by the management layer of dispatching center, and communication on key nodes between top management of CTG and CYPC. With the vigorous support of State Grid and The State and Yangtze River Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, the power generation during the National Day Holidays has increased 150 GWh through the utilization of waterhead and water yield.

Technical innovation promotes

the core competitiveness of power generation

The construction and operation of the Three Gorges Project have undergone the process of technical innovation from introduction, digestion and absorption to re-innovation, which creates the world's leading hydropower technology in China. It's absolutely necessary to take the mastery of core hydropower technology and leading the development of global hydropower industry as the ultimate goal, and focus on the technical innovation as required by President Xi Jinping that we should "hold the great strength in our hands" to maximize the TGHPP benefits, so as to turn the "Three Gorges Standards" into the global standards, as well as build CTG and CYPC into the international benchmark enterprises in the clean energy industry.
Technical solutions promote the innovation ability throughout the power generation process.In order to obtain the technical solutions from the aspects of efficient water resource utilization, major technical innovation of equipment, online equipment monitoring & intelligent diagnosis and optimization of electromechanical equipment, CYPC has further improved the construction of core production capacity and deployed the innovation tasks in key nodes throughout the power generation process. The research on three special subjects (e.g. "Research on Key Technologies Concerning Scientific Operation of the Three Gorges Reservoir") covering 27 topics have been promoted to understand the operation patterns of cascaded reservoirs, thus laying a technical foundation for the maximum utilization of hydropower resources. The in-depth research on applications such as on-line monitoring and intelligent diagnosis have been implemented to enhance the health operation of hydropower plant equipment. Meanwhile, CYPC has also conducted active research on specific subjects related to the national "973" program and "12th Five-Year Plan" based on the advantages of technical management concerning the cascaded power plants and in-basin reservoir system, achieving certain breakthroughs in terms of the technical support for efficient plant operation and in-basin maintenance, application of new technologies, etc. The implementation of such challenging projects has promoted not only the innovative ability of CYPC, but also the competitiveness in the fields of cutting-edge technologies (e.g. operation of giant units, optimization of reservoir operation).
Key technologies concerning the operation and management of giant hydropower generating units are mastered by resolving technical challenges.In 2018, CYPC has carried out the research focusing on technical challenges and important preventive aspects of numerous key technical programs related to giant generating units, and successfully optimized the unit operation management through the implementation of more than 50 items of technical upgrading (e.g. "improved unit efficiency via the AGC control optimization) on 157 sets of equipment, thus effectively promoting the stable operation of domestic equipment after operation at the Right Bank Station and Station Service Power Station of TGHPP. TGHPP's successful application of first robot cluster for giant penstock inspection in the world, which is developed by CYPC independently, has filled in the global technical gap of all-round rapid inspection of penstock inner surface. Again, TGHPP is recognized as the "world-class" and "world-leading" enterprise due to the time of rapid detection and presentation of 3D images based on the application of robot cluster.
Lean management of the power plant equipment is improved through practice and application. In 2018, CYPC has comprehensively strengthened the application of new technologies and materials in annual maintenance when addressing the "last mile" in terms of the production, education and scientific research cooperation, established 7 research programs involving the artificial intelligence and application of new materials, e.g. "Robot for Penstock and Concrete Channel Detection", "Application of Laser Cleaning and Graphene Anti-corrosive Coating in Underwater Metal Structures" and "Application of Laser Welding in Runners", with many achievements (covering "Research on the Condensation-proof and Corrosion-resistant Insulation Materials for Hydropower Plant Pipelines" and "Research on the Optimized Sealing of Turbine Guide Bearing Oil Enclosure Retainers Used in the Generating Units of HEC at Right Bank Station of TGHPP) obtained to solve practical problems in power generation for the substantial improvement of annual maintenance quality and efficiency. Especially, the application of cutting-edge robot technology in the lean operation of giant units has laid a good foundation for the steady progress of "intelligent power plant" construction through the promoted development and field commissioning of robots for hydropower plant penstock inspection & maintenance and robots for concrete channel inspection, as well as the "patrol inspection robot" testing inside the generating unit.
As the operation manager of TGHPP, CYPC has always been committed to the sacred mission of "contributing clean energy to the society and providing flood protection in the Yangtze River Basin" entrusted by the Communist Party and country. During the past 17 years since operation, TGHPP has continuously provided the clean energy of over 1,000 TWh to ten provinces and cities in central, eastern and southern China, creating enormous economic and social benefits by offering the strong driving force for the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, powerful energy support for the national and social development, and outstanding contributions to the national energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection.
Up to now, the Three Gorges Project has accumulatively retained 144 billion m3 of flood water and replenished 206.7 billion m3 to the downstream. Since the Project has been put into operation, its accumulated power generation has reached over 1,100 TWh. The freight transportation volume of the Three Gorges river section has increased by 7 times. The operation indexes of the TGHPP such as operating hours, the times of unscheduled shutdown and the water utilization improvement rate are always kept at the internationally leading level. Facts have shown that, the comprehensive benefits of flood-control, power generation, navigation and water replenishment go beyond the design level, fully demonstrating that the decision made by the Central Committee of the Party to construct the Three Gorges Project is correct, the construction of Three Gorges Project is successful, and its operation management is scientific and efficient.
CYPC will make new achievements on a new journey after having entered the new era. CYPC will bear in mind the entrustment of President Xi Jinping at all times, and take stable operation of cascaded power plants as its greatest responsibility and undertaking, fulfill its holy mission of "duly managing the Pillars of a Great Power", strive to become a leader in the world's hydropower industry to contribute more to the revitalization of the Chinese nation!

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