Dividend Distribution

According to Article 180 of Articles of Association, the company can distribute dividends by cash or stock and shall distribute by cash bonus with priority. In principle, cash bonus shall be distributed once every year, and the company can distribute profit in the midterm if the conditions are met. The condition for distributing cash bonus is that the company makes profit in the current year; if operation conditions of the company are good, and the Board of Directors thinks that distributing stocks and dividends would be good for the long term development of the company and overall interest of all shareholders, it can propose the plan for distribution of stocks and dividends apart from the said cash bonus distribution. In principle, cash bonus of the company each year shall be no less than 50% of the profit of the parent company distributable to shareholders in the current year. For profit distribution from 2016-2020, no less than RMB 0.65 per share shall be distributed each year as cash bonus; for profit of 2021-2025, cash bonus shall be distributed each year in the amount of no less than 70% of the net profit realized in the year. Profit distribution plan of the company shall be deliberated and approved by Board of Shareholders. After resolutions are made for profit distribution plan on Shareholders Meeting of the company, the Board of Directors shall complete dividend distribution within 60 days after the Shareholders Meeting. The profit realized in the year and distributable to shareholders mentioned in the Articles of Association refers to the after-tax profit realized by the parent company in the year after offsetting losses and withdrawing accumulation fund.

Dividend Distribution Since CYPC's Listing

Operation Performance

2016 Total assets

2,988.95billion RMB

2016 Net assets

1,285.26billion RMB

2016 Operating revenue

489.39billion RMB

2016 Net profits

209.38billion RMB

2016 Earnings per share


2015 Net asset per share



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Dividend Distribution

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