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CYPC has four large hydropower stations (Three Gorges, Gezhouba, Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba) along the trunk stream of the Yangtze River, with the total installed capacity of 45,495 MW, and with the annual power generation capacity of about 190 TWh. By "unified dispatching of four reservoirs (Three Gorges, Gezhouba, Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba)", the benefits of unified dispatching of cascade hydropower stations can be fully realized, which will contribute to the improvement of water energy utilization, production efficiency, reduction of production and operation cost. This will in turn consolidate the leading position of CYPC in the global hydropower industry and lay a solid foundation for the efficient implementation of future development strategies.

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Xiluodu Hydropower Station

Xiluodu Hydropower Station is located at the canyon river section of Jinsha River, which connects with Leibo County of the Sichuan Province and Yongshan County of the Yunnan Province. It is a giant hydropower station that focuses on power generation. The station also provides other benefits such as flood control, sediment retaining and improving the navigation conditions of downstream reaches. It is the backbone power supply source of China’s West-east Power Transmission Project.

The dam of Xiluodu Reservoir controls a river basin area of 454,400k㎡, and the annual average runoff of the dam is 146.0 billion m³. The normal impoundment level is 600m, with flood control level of 560m, dead impoundment level of 540m, total reservoir capacity of 12.91 billion m³ and flood control storage of 4.65 billion m³.

Xiluodu Hydropower Station is composed of structures such as barrage, flood discharge structure, diversion structure and power generation structure. The barrage is a concrete double-curvature arch dam, with the dam crest elevation of 610m and the maximum dam height of 285.50m. The water discharge structures of Xiluodu Hydropower Station are composed of 7 surface holes of the dam body, 8 deep holes and 4 spillway tunnels on the bank. The main task of flood control operation of Xiluodu Hydropower Station is to control the flood of the Chuanjiang River section and enhance the flood control standard of cities such as Yibin along the bank, while ensuring the safety of the hydro-complex project. Together with the Three Gorges Reservoir, the station also provides compensated operations for flood control of the midstream and downstream sections of the Yangtze River to reduce the flood loss experienced in those sections of the river.

Xiluodu Hydropower Station has an installed capacity of 13860 MW, with 9 units (rated capacity of each is 770 MW) respectively installed on the left and right bank;. The power generated is connected with the State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, and then dispatched to consumers through the two grids. The annual average output generated from the Xiluodu Hydropower Station in the short term is 57.07 TWh, and is expected to reach 61.62kWh in the long term.

The project went into full operation in 2014

The total installed capacity


The annual average output generatedin the short term


The annual average output generated in the long term



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