Management of Stakeholders

CYPC will continuously innovate communication and interaction modes with interested parties, actively understand and respond to their expectations and appeals, consistently improve our performance and ability of fulfilling social responsibilities and share value with interested parties.

Stakeholder Stakeholder’s Expectation Our Response Communication Effectiveness in 2017
  • Compliance with the law
  • Policy response
  • Boost employment of migrants from Three Gorges area and their children
  • Voluntarily pay taxes according to law
  • Develop cooperation in power distribution and sales
  • Actively prepare to establish industrial growth fund
  • Actively cooperate with the reform of national electric power system and the mixed ownership
  • Recruitment of 53 graduating students;
  • The company paid 16.829 billion RMB in taxes and fees (including water resources fees, reservoir area funds, special funds for migrants from Three Gorges reservoir area and other financial fees).
  • Maintenance and appreciation of assets value
  • Open and transparent information
  • Continuously improve profitability
  • Make good information disclosure according to regulations
  • Release annual bulletin regularly
  • Organization of 22 meetings of stockholders, Board of Directors, Special Committees and Board of Supervisors;
  • A total of 87 motions have been deliberated and approved, with a pass rate of 100%;
  • 99 items of significant information disclosure have been completed;
  • The cash dividends for 2016 have amounted to 15.7 billion RMB in 2017.
  • Expedite communication
  • Provide high efficiency and high quality electric energy
  • Award a contract and establish a monthly plan consultation mechanism
  • Launch multilateral consultation and customer satisfaction survey
  • Make scientific arrangements for power generation and ensure electric power supply
  • Participate in the peak load regulation and frequency modulation of the power grid
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Wages and welfare guarantee
  • Health and safety of employee
  • Fair promotion and development
  • Employee care
  • Develop the pilot reform of labour, human affairs and distribution
  • Create a good working and living environment
  • Pay attention to staff training and vocational development
  • Hold recreational and sports activities
  • Help the needy staff
  • The labor contract signing rate was 100%
  • Percentage of employees covered by social security was 100%;
  • On-the-job training for employees totaled about 70,000;
  • The rate of staff physical examination was 100%;
  • 1,443 staffs got post promotion.
  • Commit to promise
  • Fair, just and public
  • Promote progress of the industry
  • Develop strategic cooperation
  • Regular communication
  • Open purchasing information and promote competitive purchase
  • ake part in national & industrial standards compilation, and industrial development forum exchanges, etc.
  • The rate of competitive purchase was 84.15%;
  • More than 50 items of national and industrial standards in the energy field were amended.
  • Strengthen environment management
  • Protect biodiversity
  • Energy-saving and emission-reduction
  • Provide clean energy
  • Promote the great protection of the Yangtze River
  • Develop clean energy
  • Protect rare organisms such as Chinese sturgeon and Davidia involucrata.
  • Energy-saving and emission-reduction
  • Green operation
  • Propel the development of related industries of marine electrification and the development of the green shore power industry in the Yangtze River
  • The clean energy generated is equivalent to saving 65.7986 million tons of standard coal, and reducing the emission of carbon dioxide by 173.354 million tons, sulfur dioxide by 82.2 thousand tons and nitrogen oxide by 75.9 thousand tons.
  • Serve regional economy
  • Improve local people's livelihood
  • Carry out public welfare charities and volunteer activities
  • Carry out targeted poverty alleviation, improve people’s livelihood of local infrastructure, education and health care, and support the development of characteristic industry.
  • Launch public beneficial donation and volunteer service.
  • The investment in social responsibility projects was 62.09 million RMB.
  • 17 items of social responsibility project were carried out.
  • Make the information known to the public and transparent
  • Publish important information and news in time.
  • Grant media interview actively.
  • The Company's new Chinese and English websites are operating well and the update of all column information has been completed which means a total of over 20 thousand words and more than one hundred pictures were updated.
  • The official WeChat subscription account "CYPC_600900" has been created which published more than 420 articles with 487 thousand hits and over 5,800 people who pay attention to the public account.

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