Management System

The company has established and perfected the social responsibility management system. It consummates and implements responsibilities through organizational structure, in addition to encouraging all employees through system optimization to integrate social responsibilities into daily work and improving pertinence and efficiency of responsibility fulfillment through identification of key issues.

Management Strategy in Social Responsibility

By fully exerting comprehensive benefits of flood-prevention, navigation, power generation, water replenishment and ecology of cascaded hydro-junctions, CYPC aims to build a social responsibility brand by six mainlines: hydro-junction management, successful business operation, mutually beneficial cooperation, low-carbon initiatives, contributions to society and high moral for employees. CYPC also makes concerted efforts for global sustainable development and being exemplary in the field.

Responsibility in harmonious society

Responsibility in excellent operation

Responsibility in win-win cooperation

Responsibility in pivot operation

Responsibility in staff development

Responsibility in low-carbon and environmental protection

Note: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations has set up 17 goals from the perspectives of no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being etc., and determined priorities for the global sustainable development. In combination with its actual management of business and operation, CYPC actively contributes to sustainable development goals set by the UN.


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The Three Gorges Project

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