"Lean-Responsibility" Culture System

It is estimated that more than half of the giant hydro-turbine generator sets above 700 MW in the world will be operated and managed by CYPC after 2020. This means that there will be extremely harsh requirements for production operation and safety management of the company. Only by the spirit of pursuing excellence and the attitude of responsibility and dedication can the management and operation of power stations be done well, and safe, stable, reliable and clean power be provided for the country to make new contributions to its economic growth.

For many years, based on inheriting and carrying forward the hydropower industry culture of China, CYPC creatively put forward the concept of "accurate dispatching, lean operation and careful maintenance", forming the concept of a culture system that takes lean production, responsibility and dedication as the core. Only by establishing a culture that takes "Lean-Responsibility" as its focus, can core competitiveness such as operation and management of giant hydropower stations, cascade dispatching of water resources of river basins and overhaul and maintenance of large units be further enhanced.

The "Lean-Responsibility" culture system of CYPC is to make efforts to construct the mainstream culture system of CYPC that complies with the advancing direction of advanced socialist culture with distinct time feature, rich management connotation and characteristics, with lean safety as core, responsibility and dedication as pursuit, collaboration as a cornerstone, dedication and integrity as code, learning and innovation as impetus, harmony and civilization as support, integrity and excellence as tenet and efficiency and standardization as standard.

The construction and research logic of "Lean-Responsibility" culture system of CYPC is clear, with detailed discussion, which embodies the latest level for culture management practice and theory development of CYPC. The research summarized a characteristic culture construction path that is suitable for the development of the company from the history , industry environment and long term practice of CYPC. This highly matches the core socialist values and embodies the advancement of culture construction of state-owned enterprises of China. The "Lean-Responsibility" culture of CYPC represents the new orientation for spiritual civilization development of the global hydropower energy industry. It also provides enlightenment and an example for enterprise culture construction of power industry enterprises.

——China Electricity Council

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