Capital Operation

Since it's establishment, CYPC has actively followed the investment and financing reform trend of China and participated in various market reform innovations. CYPC constantly explored and made innovations on new models for capital operation of state-owned listed company. It established the bridge between construction of the Three Gorges Project and capital market, formed the sound interaction where companies of CTG develop the Yangtze River progressively and CYPC gradually grows stronger. It established the quality brand of "CYPC" in the capital market and became a blue chip stock with good performance on the big board and a leading hydropower enterprise recognized by monitoring institutions, investors and intermediary agencies. It has become a classic case where an enterprise realizes great-leaps in development by virtue of the capital market and it made important contribution to the sound and stable development of the capital market in China.


A Share IPO

  • Stabilized market confidence and boosted the vitality of the capital market
  • Played a good demonstration role for enterprises directly under the control of the central authority to perform large scale equity financing and work towards openness and marketization


Equity Division Reform

  • One of the enterprise among the first two pilot enterprises subject to equity division reform of enterprises under directly under the control of the central authority
  • Worked as the pioneer for solving obstacles that restrict the stability of the capital market and long term healthy development system Usher in the bull market of 2006


Listing of Entire Assets of the Three Gorges Hydropower Station

  • The largest acquisition and restructuring case in the Asian Market then, and promoted restructuring of state-owned assets and deepened reform of state-owned enterprises
  • Reduced the impact of global financial crisis on the capital market of China and stabilized the capital market environment


The Company purchased 30% equity of BCP Meerwind Luxembourg S.��.r.l.

  • The equity purchase of Chuanyun Company marked the successful completion of assets securitization of Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba Hydropower Plants, i.e. the major assets restructuring of CYPC
  • Purchased 30% equity of BCP Meerwind Luxembourg S.��.r.l.

At present, CYPC constantly enhances it's equity investment and optimizes its's power supply structure by buying shares of such quality power enterprises as Hubei Energy, Guangzhou Development Industry (Holdings) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Electric Power to realize synchronous growth of benefit and scale. Making use of the characteristics that hydropower enterprise has stable cash flow to make investments in a steady manner, so as to offset the influence of incoming water on performance and receive investment return to enhance profit making ability of CYPC. Meanwhile, CYPC draws on domestic and overseas experience in direct equity investment, makes use of the capital advantage of CYPC to play the role as a financial investment platform.

In the future, CYPC will actively face reform of state-owned enterprise and electric power market, grasp and deal with the challenges and opportunities brought by the capital market, give full play to the platform advantage of CYPC, and use capital operation means more efficiently to serve the development of CYPC. The company will expand channels for direct investment and financing and reduce financing cost. It will carry out investment and acquisition activities while focusing on the main business (power) and extended businesses (water and electricity) and give full play to the role of capital operation platform, steadily making financial investments to further improve management of equity invested and secure interests of CYPC.

Shares Invested
CYPC actively invests to purchase equity of other enterprises
  • Holds equity of22enterprises

  • Original investment balance of RMB 9.750billion

  • During the report period, RMB803million

    was increased for equity investment in other enterprises

As of June 30, 2016, CYPC has smoothly completed the acquisition of 100% equity of Chuanyun Company and wholly owned Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station, greatly increasing the scale of installed capacity and generating output of CYPC. Power generated by Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station is mainly delivered to such places as Shanghai, Zhejiang and Guangdong, which further enhances CYPC's market share in the power market of east China and south China, strengthens its competition advantage and lays a solid foundation for CYPC to realize the beautiful vision of leading in the global hydropower industry.

Monetary unit: RMB Ten Thousand
Name Shareholding Ratio(%) Zhuli Capital
Hubei Energy Group Co., Ltd. 24.62 267,437.48
Hubei Qingneng Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd. 42.98 294,042.91
Three Gorges Finance Co., Ltd. 22.08 240,000.00
Guangzhou Development Group Incorporated 12.82 272,619.66
Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. 5.67 213,973.93

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