Power Distribution and Selling Business

To adapt to the requirement of power marketization and the main energy development orientation towards low carbon, clean, safe and efficient renewable energy, based on great efforts in hydropower business development and enhancing power quality, CYPC grasps the opportunity of marketization reform, actively expanding new business areas such as power distribution and selling along the Yangtze River basin, establishing an industry chain integrating power generation, distribution and selling, creating new profit growth points and cultivating new impetuses for development.

In 2016, CYPC establishes Three Gorges Electric Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "TGEP"), which will serve as the platform of CYPC for power distribution and selling business. Relying on the advantages of CTG and CYPC in such aspects as brand, capital, technical talents and resource integration ability, .TGEP actively participates in power distribution and selling business to realize the extension from power generation to power distribution and selling, making the industrial layout of CYPC more rational and making CYPC face the market competition in a better manner. TGEP has signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with governments of Fujian Province, Chongqing, Wuhan and Yichang etc. as well as such enterprises as ENN Group and Yichang Port Group. It has also registered joint ventures in such places as Chongqing, Yichang and Fujian to carry out businesses in an orderly manner.

The main businesses of TGEP include power selling businesses, investments, construction and operation of power distribution networks, distributed energy resources and microgrids, energy efficiency management services at user side, concentrated management, operation and maintenance of power facilities, operation of intelligent parking lots and charging piles etc. TGEP takes providing clean, stable and differentiated energy services as the tenet, focusing on shaping the company brand of "clean, smart and efficient." The company makes great efforts to cultivate core competitiveness such as operation of power distribution and selling business, distributed energy management and energy management service. TGEP will closely follow the pace of power system reform of China, advance with partners in the Yangtze River Economic Zone and power consumption area of CTG, focus on operation, and work hard to stand out from the power system reform to become a comprehensive energy service enterprise respected by the society and peers.


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