International Business

CYPC has been engaged in international hydropower business by seizing the opportunities and challenges brought about by the "going global" strategy of China. The Company has combined and made use of its advantages in business, management, technology, capital and brand of CTG to give full play to the coordinated synergetic benefits of the whole industry chain of CTG, including investment, construction, operation and consultation for overseas hydropower plants. CYPC carries out operation, management, consultation, investment and financing businesses of overseas hydropower plants through China Yangtze Power International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (“CYPI”) and China Three Gorges Power Operation Int'l Co., Ltd. (“CTGO”), and has extended towards a completely clean energy industry with hydropower as the core. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, CYPC will continue to operate and manage the overseas hydropower plants of CTG. Relying on its technologies, experience, talents, and management system of large hydropower plants (including the Three Gorges Hydropower Plant) in regulation, operation, overhaul, maintenance and technical upgrading, and by virtue of such means as internet + and integration of internationalization and informatization, CYPC will try to build CTGO into a first class hydropower plant operation company through internationalized, standardized and localized management, and establish the operation standards of CTG in overseas countries.

Hydropower business

Engaging in global hydropower operation to realize the output of core competencies in the operation of large-scale power stations.

Power Distribution and Selling Business

In 2016,the Company formally launched its cooperation with Energias de Portugal (EDP) in global distribution and sale of electricity,regarding Brazil as a key area and actively exploring opportunities of M&As of assets in global distribution and sales of electricity.

Electrical Energr Project Investment

In August,2016,the Company,in collaboration with CTG International,acquired 80% equity of Meerwind,a German offshore wind farm operator,from Blackstone Group.The Meerwind offshore wind farm project went into commercial operation in February 2015,with the total installed capacity of the project being 288 MW.


The company provides guidance on the operation of the hydropower stations in Brazil managed byCTG,including services such as production preparation,operation and maintenance,overhauling,technical transformation,consultancy,training,entristed management of spare parts,etc.


Engaging in the management and operation of hydropower station projects in Pakistan.


Provding consultancy to Murum Hydropower Station in Malaysia to improve its production management systems and enhance operation and management as well as the technical level of its staff.

Ilha Solteira and Jupia Hydropower Plants in Brazil

In 2015, China Three Gorges (Brasil) Energia Ltda (“CTG Brasil” for short) successfully won the 30-year concession right of Jupia and Ilha Solteira Hydropower Plants. This allowed CTG to realize a new upgrade for "going global" of China hydropower, and accelerate its process to achieve cross-border operation and become a leader in global hydropower development. The two hydropower plants are about 60 km away from each other, with the installed capacity of 1,550 MW and 3,440 MW respectively. According to unified deployment of CTG, CYPC has dispatched its technical team consisting of experts and specialists to take critical posts at CTG Brasil, mainly taking charge of the operation and maintenance (O&M) management and technical upgrading of Jupia and Ilha Solteira HPPs, and they are also responsible for contact with related departments/entities of CTG. The team has incorporated CYPC’s hydropower plant management philosophy into the large hydropower management in Brazil, and organized the Chinese and Brazilian technicians together to evaluate the hidden dangers & operation risks of the equipment, eliminate similar equipment faults to effectively carry out risk prevention, promote routine O&M management, and lower the accident rate of the generating units. Furthermore, in compliance with the standards of CTG and based on the condition of the equipment, the technical team will optimize the technical upgrading schemes, advance the upgrading period, review and improve the documents of current technical system, and participate in the equipment design, manufacturing and on-site construction so as to improve the quality of technical upgrading.

Murum Hydropower Plant in Malaysia

Murum Hydropower Plant (“Murum HPP”) is located in the East Sarawak State of Malaysia, and the dam is located on the Murum River, which is the source of Rajang river basin. 4 * 236 MW hydro-generating units are installed for the hydropower plant, with a total installed capacity of 944 MW. It is the second largest hydropower plant in Malaysia.

Providing consulting service for Murum HPP is the first overseas project of CYPC. To smoothly realize the output of core abilities in operation and management of large hydropower plants, CYPC attached great importance to the project, made sophisticated organization, and prepared technical regulations, management regulations and standard operation procedures (SOPs) in accordance with international general technical standards, including 20 operation regulations, 33 maintenance regulations, 31 maintenance instructions, 100 SOPs and 13 management regulations. Meanwhile, it established an engineering team to provide consulting and guiding services at the site to ensure the successful production of the 4 units at Murum HPP. After the arrival of the second consulting team, the plant maintained a record of "zero unscheduled shutdown", providing reliable clean energy for the development of local economy. With the economy recovery of Malaysia, power consumption load of Sarawak gradually grows, and the stable power supply of Murum HPP has provided important energy support for the development of local economy and system stability. Currently, CYPC keeps providing consulting services for Murum HPP by providing on-site consultancy for annual maintenance of the plant, remote diagnosis and consultancy for on-site fault treatment.

Through the consulting service, a complete production management system has been established for Murum HPP, and the employees’ operation management and technical level improved. CYPC has also realized the first output of core ability in operation of large overseas power plants, and made its overseas operation and management business well-known.

——Mr. Tay, Manager of Murum Hydropower Station
Merowe Hydropower Plant in Sudan

Located in the North Sudan on the Nile River which is 350 km away from the capital of Khartoum and 40 km away from the downstream of Merowe City, Merowe Hydropower Plant (“Merowe HPP”) is the largest hydropower project in Africa, covering 60% power supply in Sudan.

Providing technical consulting services for Merowe HPP is the second overseas consulting project of CYPC followed by Murum HPP. The purpose is to provide personnel training as well as technical consulting service on hydropower production and operation for Merowe Dam Electricity Company (MDEC). Since 2015, Merowe HPP has experienced many times of equipment failures, and CYPC has organized experts as soon as possible to analyze the reasons and dispatched professional team to support MDEC. Meanwhile, as required by MDEC, CYPC has compiled specific training materials and organized technicians of Merowe HPP to visit China for two times to accept high-quality on-site maintenance training.

Under the strong support of CYPC, effective guarantee has been provided for the long-term safe and steady operation and maintenance for the generating units of Merowe HPP. Meanwhile, CYPC has fully forged its international talent team to create its large generating unit operation management brand and further enhance its influence on the world hydropower industry.

Wind Power Projects in Germany

CYPC actively seeks for overseas investment opportunities. It opens overseas investment and financial channel and accumulates experience in overseas investment management and company governance by joint investment in the Meerwind Offshore Wind Power Project in Germany. This will help promote CYPC development to a new level. In August 2016, together with CTG Europe, CYPC International acquired 100% of the equity of BCP Lux, a wholly owned subsidiary of BCP Meerwind Cayman Limited, which is affiliated to the Blackstone Group. After the investment, CYPC International holds 30% of the shares of BCP Lux.

The Meerwind Project is one of the largest offshore wind power projects put into operation, and it is the first offshore wind power project of Germany completely certified by DET NORSKE VERITAS. It is also the first offshore wind power project in the world which receives investment credit rating. The total installed capacity of Meerwind Project is 288 MW, with the annual power generation of about 1.3 TWh. The project can bring stable cash flow to CYPC during its operation period. Meerwind Project is the first overseas investment project of CYPC. It contributes to CYPC's expanding to international investment business, and enhancing overseas energy investment and management ability. It also provides an opportunity for CYPC to obtain more equity investment opportunities in overseas quality energy power projects.


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