Responsibility--A Natural Mission of Yangtze Power

Responsibility is a Natural Mission of Yangtze Power


Fulfilling social responsibility is a requirement of economic and social development of the time.

Developing responsible competitiveness is an approach for an enterprise to realize it's sustainable development and to contribute to the industry, the society and the whole world as well.

Crown Corporation

Crown Corporations have an important bearing on national security and the development of national economy, and are closely related to everyday life of the people. Fulfilling social responsibility is a natural mission entrusted by the State.

With a strong influence and momentum, Crown Corporations can drive the sustainable development of both upstream and downstream industry chains; therefore, they should become models in fulfilling social responsibility.

Yangtze Power

Power generating enterprises are in a basic industry related to national economy as well people's livelihood. With typical utility features, they are backbones supporting coordinated economic and social development.

The cluster of power stations in the Yangtze River basin managed by Yangtze Power are not only related to the security of the Yangtze river basin but also to that of power grids throughout the country.

Providing the society with clean energy and making great contributions to coping with climate change and reducing pollution.

Bringing into full play the comprehensive benefits of water conservancy projects in flood prevention, navigation, power generation, water replenishment, drought control and ecological protection, etc.

Responsibility is a Commitment to Each and Every Stakeholder

Social Responsibility of Yangtze Power

Responsibility to Stakeholders of the Complex

Setting up robust barriers against floods

Improving navigation conditions of the Yangtze River

Ensuring water supply for everyday life of residents in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River

Providing clean energy

Res ponsibility to Shareholders

Constantly creating value

Maintaining and increasing the value of asset

Responsibility to Partners

Providing high-quality and efficient power energy to power grid companies

Driving progress of the industry

Responsibility to Communities

Prospering local economy

Contributing to poverty reduction

Responsibility to Employees

Ensuring interests of employees

Contributing to career development of employees

Caring for employees in an all-round way

Responsibility is a Practice for Each and Every Moment

Electricity, an energy for lighting as one of it's main purposes, has an important bearing on the national economy as well as people's livelihood. Electric power is different from other commodities in that it can be generated, transmitted, distributed and sold at the same time, and it is hard to store it in a large scale. Moreover, the importance of power supply to national economic development and people's everyday life is ever increasing. Therefore, as the largest listed domestic company engaged in clean energy, Yangtze Power operates on a "people-first" principle and focuses on creating value for customers, trying its best to ensure power supply under whatever conditions (including normal conditions, disaster conditions and even war conditions).

Ensuring power supply and the safe operation of power facilities, providing stable electric power for major events, such as the National People's Conference (NPC) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) sessions, the Olympic Games, the World Expo, and the Asian Games, etc.

Responsibility Extends to Each and Every Corner

Our footprints extend from the Three Gorges-Gezhouba to the Jinshajiang River Basin, from home to abroad, from power generation to power distribution and sales and water utilities. Wherever our business goes, our responsibility extends there.

Responsibility lights up on Each and Every Post

The realization of corporate social responsibility requires implementation on each and every post. We look at our own work from the perspective of social responsibility, and try to do everything well in work in a responsible way. Fulfilling social responsibility makes our work more valuable and our posts shine!


I will try my best to help in bringing into play the comprehensive benefits of the complex.

Reviewers of Investment Projects

In evaluation of projects, environmental and social factors have also become my considerations.


My greatest responsibility is to ensure safe and stale operation of generating sets

Training Specialists

My work is to help every employee grow through training.

E-commerce platform

CYPC's e-commerce network (ECN) is a unified and centralized platform that we have developed to meet the company's demands for cross-regional procurement of supplies for production at various power stations. ECN's functions include product catalog management, electronic transaction management, analytics and statistics, business interfaces, supplier management, online evaluation of bids, and security authentication...

Service platform for power distribution and sale

We offer users integrated services of power distribution and sales, covering such areas as consultancy, energy procurement, distribution network construction, value-added services, energy permit trading and more. Please fee free to call us for more information...


We welcome all kinds of talents. Based on the company's overall strategy, we have worked out a human resources plan that ensures a reasonable structure for a staff with the right number of people. Plus, we have put in place a comprehensive recruitment procedure that adopts stringent criteria for screening candidates and picks the best of the best for the company...