A Sustainable Development Path

for CYPC
  • Tax Payment

    63.14billion RMB

  • Cumulative Dividend Paid

    48.535billion RMB

  • Charitable Donations

    41.10billion RMB

Ever since it's establishment, especially since the 18th CPC National Congress, as an enterprise directly owned by the Central Government, CYPC has been earnestly implementing various decisions and deployments by the Central Party Committee and CTG, closely adhering to it's target of becoming a leader in hydropower development in the world, loyal to it's purpose of operation—“Reassurance for the State, Satisfaction for Shareholders and Happiness for Employees”, pursuing development one-mindedly, and has found a path for sustainable development characteristic of CYPC, making active contributions to the rapid development of the national economy.

Power station under the management of the company by the end of the Fifth Five-year Plan





Three of them are among top 10 in the world

Number of generating units operated and managed by the company





Fifty-eight of them are giant generating sets with unit capacity of over 700 MW

With its high-quality assets and fine endowments in natural resources, the company has become the largest public company engaged in clean energy.

Total assets (billion RMB)





Total income (billion RMB)





Engaged to deepening reforms, accelerating adjustments, strengthening innovation and improving management, CYPC seeks to cultivate five core competencies, namely, operation management, cascade dispatching, capital operation, marketing and troubleshooting for whole river basins, all centering around water flow, electricity flow and cash flow. As a result, the vitality, efficiency and competitiveness of the enterprise have been further enhanced, and the company has become a leader in the development of the global hydropower industry.

By the end of the Fifth Five-year Plan
  • Total installed capacity operated and managed by CYPC


  • Cumulative Power Generated by CYPC


Closely following the steps of globalization of CTG, CYPC seeks opportunities in such strategies as “One Belt and One Road”, “interconnectivity” and “Global Energy Interconnection”, actively promotes globalization with power station operation as it's brand. It's overseas business has been developing rapidly and has become a token of globalization of China’s hydropower industry.

CYPC promotes the construction of an enterprise of intrinsic safety, continues to provide safe, stable and reliable clean energy to the state, and has successfully fulfilled the tasks of power supply for important conferences and activities, such as past sessions of National Congress of the Communist Party of China as well as the National People's Conference (NPC) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). Coping with all kinds of natural disasters. It has been contributing to the maintenance of a safe and stable situation.

  • Coal substituted

    470million tons

  • Carbon dioxide emission reduced

    11.06billion tons

  • Sulfur dioxide emission reduced

    1138.63million tons

  • Smoke and dust emission reduced

    136.31million tons

CYPC consistently takes a clean, environmental and low-carbon road for its development. It regards the restoration of the ecological environment along the Yangtze River as an important mission and actively produces clean energy to contribute to China’s target of emission reduction by 2020 and to add luster to “Beautiful China”.

CYPC has always been attaching importance to strengthening and improving party construction, promoting the construction of a “lean and responsible culture”; it actively fulfills its social responsibility, and carries out precise poverty alleviation; it innovates various carriers for cultural communication and has cut a figure in its branding effort as a highly responsible company.

Looking ahead, CYPC is full of confidence. We shall actively adapt to and take the lead in the "New Normal", steadfast in the implementation of our development philosophy of “Innovation, Coordination, Environmental-friendliness, Openness and Sharing” and continually trying to make our company grow bigger, better and stronger. We shall fully implement our economic, political and social responsibilities as an enterprise directly owned by the Central Government and brave it out on our way to a world leader in the hydropower industry.

E-commerce platform

CYPC's e-commerce network (ECN) is a unified and centralized platform that we have developed to meet the company's demands for cross-regional procurement of supplies for production at various power stations. ECN's functions include product catalog management, electronic transaction management, analytics and statistics, business interfaces, supplier management, online evaluation of bids, and security authentication...

Service platform for power distribution and sale

We offer users integrated services of power distribution and sales, covering such areas as consultancy, energy procurement, distribution network construction, value-added services, energy permit trading and more. Please fee free to call us for more information...


We welcome all kinds of talents. Based on the company's overall strategy, we have worked out a human resources plan that ensures a reasonable structure for a staff with the right number of people. Plus, we have put in place a comprehensive recruitment procedure that adopts stringent criteria for screening candidates and picks the best of the best for the company...