Industry Status

CYPC is currently the largest public company engaged in clean energy throughout the world and the largest public power company in China, owning 100% of the right to produce renewable clean energy and to permanently use key water resources along the mainstream of the Yangtze River, with remarkable influence in the hydropower industry, the power market and the capital market.

Six Highlights

A Leader in the Global Hydropower Industry
Continuous Demand for Hydropower and Favorable Industry Policies
Undertaking the Drafting of National Standards,with Leading Key Indicators in the World
Commitment to High Cash Dividend,Leading Value Investment
Good Credit Rating,Sound Financial Status
An Environmental Friendly Enterprise with Sustainability
CYPC owns three of the 12 largest hydropower stations in the world.
A Leader in the Global Hydropower Industry

CYPC is the largest operator of cascade hydropower stations and the largest hydropower generator in the world, boasting three of the top 10 hydropower stations in the world and 58 of the 99 hydropower generating sets with unit capacity of 700 MW. The total installed hydropower capacity it operates and manages has reached 45,537 MW, accounting for 26% of the national total.

Undertaking the Drafting of National Standards,with Leading Key Indicators in the World

The company actively participates in industry organizations and plays a leading role. Through taking part in domestic and international conferences and industry forums and exhibitions, it tries to strengthen its cooperation and exchange with colleagues from home and abroad to jointly promote the healthy development of the hydropower industry. It has prepared over 4,000 technical procedures and specifications for power generation, undertaken the drafting of dozens of national or industry standards, and has won hundreds of technological awards at various levels of the state and patent licenses.

The company is a power generating company providing the best quality with the lowest costs in the field of renewable power in China. Joint dispatching of the Three Gorges, Gezhouba, Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba cascade hydropower stations can effectively reduce surplus water, increase the utilization rate of water energy and at the same time change the operation mode of hydropower and increase drop head. Indicators such as water energy utilization rate, cost control, power generation efficiency and equipment reliability, etc., are all taking a lead in the world.

Accuracy of forecast of 24-hour water flow into reservoirs is over


Accuracy of daily power generation


Equivalent availability factor (EAF)


Unscheduled downtime hours


Good Credit Rating, Sound Financial Status

The company boasts sovereignty-level international credit rating. Fitch Ratings has maintained its rating for the credit standing of the company at "A+".

Through diversified financing channels and a number of financial innovations, the company has optimized its debt structure and has lowered its financial costs.

Industry Associations and Societies the Company Has Joined
  • A standing member unit of China Electricity Council (ECE);
  • A director unit /vice-president unit of China Electric Promotion Council;
  • A vice-chairman/secretary-general unit of the Technical Committee on Electric System Automation of China Society for Hydropower Engineering;
  • A standing director/vice-president unit of China Electrical Equipment Management Association (CEEMA);
  • A director unit of Changjiang Technical and Economic Society;
  • A secretary-general unit of Special Committee on River Basin Energy Resources of Changjiang Technical and Economic Society;
  • A member of the IEA Hydropower Implementing Agreement (IEA Hydro);
  • A director unit of the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (NAFMII);
  • Deputy President unit of Listed Companies Association of Beijing (LCAB);
  • A committee member unit of China National Technical Committee on the Standardization of Electric Power Supervision;
  • A vice-chairman unit of the Technical Committee on Automation of China Society for Hydropower Engineering;
  • A standing member unit of the Electric Power Informatization Special Committee;
  • A president unit of Technical Committee on Integrated Operation of Hydropower Stations and Reservoirs, International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD);
  • A director unit of China Society for Hydropower Engineering.
Continuous Demand for Hydropower and Favorable Industry Policies

Renewable Energy Law of the People's Republic of China requires that on-grid power generated from renewable energy should be purchased in full and dispatched with priority by power grid enterprises.

Reforms of the electric power systems will further highlight the potential and advantages of hydropower as a kind of clean energy. Gradual Advance: Ensuring power generation from clean energy through the formulation of preferential systems for power generation; with power market deregulation, hydropower will enjoy great advantages in competition with strong capability of capacity regulation and low cost; in areas with rich resources of wind, light and water, market mechanism will make coal-burning enterprises reduce self-generated power for self-use and increase the use of power purchased from the hydropower market, thus gradually leading to the substitution of coal with renewable energy.

Commitment to High Cash Dividend, Leading Value Investment

In case the company makes a profit for the year and the board of directors believes that stock bonus distribution shall be conducive to the long-term development of the company and the overall interests of all shareholders, the company promises that in principle, cash dividend each year will not be lower than 50% of the profit made by the parent company available for distribution to it's shareholders. As regards annual profit distribution for 2016-2020, cash dividend will be no lower than 0.65 RMB per share; and as regards annual profit distribution for 2021-2025, cash dividend will be no lower than 70% of the total profit made for the year.

At present, the company's dividend distribution is not only considerably higher than the average dividend payout ratio for non-financial listed A-share companies but also higher than that for the power industry.

An Environmental Friendly Enterprise with Sustainability
  • 1. Strictly implementing environment management standards for project construction:
    1. Before project construction, in-depth environmental assessment is carried out, with soil conservation plans approved by the Ministry of Water Resources and environmental impact reports approved by the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA).
    2. Upon completion, the projects are managed through whole-process professional environmental management systems.
    3. Yangtze has passed the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System accreditation and strictly follows the ISO 14001 standards in environmental management.
  • 2. Maintaining natural ecological balance, promoting sustainable development of resettled residents:
    1. Over 1,000 projects for cultural heritage have been constructed in the Three Gorges Reservoir area;
    2. Funding the construction of facilities for natural reserve projects and the protection, research and monitoring of fishes, etc.;
    3. Development of resettled residents: Improving capital construction in five provinces and cities, promoting regional industry development, and supporting the development of regional infrastructure and cultural undertakings;
    4. Aiding resettled residents: Cooperating with local governments and social organizations, establishing aiding funds, caring for employment of resettled residents, resettled women and children in reservoir areas. For instance, establishing aiding funds for the development of resettled women in reservoir areas, "Sweet Springs", and "Golden Autumn Education Assistance" activities, etc.
  • 3. Deepening Communication and Cooperation with International Organizations
    1. Member units of CTG
    2. Memorandum on Cooperation
    3. UNESCO has included the Three Gorges Project into the World Water Development Report (WWDR).
  • 4. Promoting the Idea of Sustainable Global Development
    1. In 2015, the company participated the World Hydropower Congress undertaken by CTG and manifested the great role that hydropower plays in China's economic and social development as well as the great strength of China's hydropower enterprises, winning recognition of the society.
Important Industry Awards the Company Has Won

In 2012, the world-renowned POWER Magazine conferred the title of "Top Plant" to the Three Gorges Hydropower Station;

In 2013, winning "FIDIC Centenary Awards" for the Three Gorges Project;

In 2015, first prize for scientific and technological achievements in hydropower generation for the development of Xiluodu 770 MW hydroturbine generating sets;

In 2015, first prize for Achievements in Enterprise Management Innovation of National Power Industry for the Gezhouba Hydropower Station;

In 2016, winning "FIDIC Centenary Awards" for the Xiluodu Hydropower Station.

E-commerce platform

CYPC's e-commerce network (ECN) is a unified and centralized platform that we have developed to meet the company's demands for cross-regional procurement of supplies for production at various power stations. ECN's functions include product catalog management, electronic transaction management, analytics and statistics, business interfaces, supplier management, online evaluation of bids, and security authentication...

Service platform for power distribution and sale

We offer users integrated services of power distribution and sales, covering such areas as consultancy, energy procurement, distribution network construction, value-added services, energy permit trading and more. Please fee free to call us for more information...


We welcome all kinds of talents. Based on the company's overall strategy, we have worked out a human resources plan that ensures a reasonable structure for a staff with the right number of people. Plus, we have put in place a comprehensive recruitment procedure that adopts stringent criteria for screening candidates and picks the best of the best for the company...