Management of Stakeholders

Governments, shareholders, customers, employees and environment are important stakeholders of the company. The company strives to expand communication channels and methods of the stakeholders and take targeted measures to respond to real needs of the stakeholders.

Responsibilities of Stakeholders Expectation of Stakeholder Our Response
  • Promote employment
  • Pay taxes according to law
  • Promote development of regional economy
  • Employ migrants from Three Gorges area and their children
  • Pay taxes actively according to law
  • Drive development of local industry
  • Improve local infrastructures
  • Compliance operation
  • Asset preservation and appreciation
  • Fulfill obligations of information disclosure
  • Observe law and discipline and standardize operation
  • Improve profitability constantly
  • Do a good job in information disclosure according to rules
  • Release annual reports regularly
  • Open communication
  • Provide high-efficiency and quality electric energy
  • Sign contracts, establish monthly plan consultation mechanism and conduct multilateral negotiations and survey on customer satisfactions
  • Arrange reasonable power generation methods, guarantee power supply and participate in peak load and frequency regulation of power grid
  • Fair employment
  • Provide reasonable salary & welfare system
  • Grow together
  • Humanistic care
  • Optimize salary system of the first production line
  • Attach importance to training and career development
  • Care for employees, organize various activities and help staff with difficulties
  • Long-term stable relation
  • Fair and open
  • Promote industry progress
  • Periodic communication
  • Open procurement information
  • Promote competitive procurement
  • Formulate industry standards
  • Participate in forum on industry development
  • Strengthen environmental management
  • Protect biodiversity
  • Implement energy conservation and emission reduction
  • Provide green energy
  • Implement new Environmental Protection Law
  • Protect rare animals and plants such as Chinese sturgeon and davidia involucrata
  • Green operation
  • Provide clean hydropower
  • Serve local economy
  • Improve local livelihood
  • Support public welfare undertakings
  • Assist featured industry
  • Improve status quo of local traffic and water supply
  • Conduct public welfare activities
  • Open and transparent information
  • Publicize important information and news timely
  • Receive media interview actively

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